New Album In The Works!

Check out some of the preview tracks and more on my blog on the website, and on my soundcloud. The album will be a portfolio of diffrent genres, HipHop, RnB, DnB, House, Dubstep, Electro, and Experimental. In the meantime, give Ray Tube some more plays! The featured song on the album is blowing up thanks to you all.

SuuKool - Raytube

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VICE Media Edit, Adobe Premiere CS6

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About the website

This website was designed by me in a bootstrap 3.0 markup, it includes a parallax which gives the 2D website a 3D feel. If you click the contact on this page it will bring up a mogal that looks really nice, but since PHP is disabled on github pages I can't use that so it's greyed out. On all of the other pages it's a link to my email. Send Mail to me! I am decently familar with PHP but I can't show it off so all my forms are just kinda disabled at the moment. I'm quite pleased at the website and how it's grown into this nice portfolio. I'll keep updating my blog so don't forget to check that out! I have my resume also coded in bootstrap which you can see by clicking below.

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After Effects, Premiere Pro

4 Years of experience, Pro-Grade plugings like Trapcode,Form,Twitch, RED Giant, Lots of camera knowledge.


4 Years Graphic Design Experience

I'm IT Smart too!

I have been employed in the IT field for two years by my school district, on top of doing freelance work. I can work on many operating systems and diffrent devices, troubleshoot, manage, correct whatever problems you are having.

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